Albuquerque is the most populous city in the state of New Mexico. However, despite the urban sprawl, Albuquerque deserves to be stayed at for at least couple of days. With the iconic Sandia Mountains that display a splendid sunset view by glowing red, Albuquerque is home to several tourist attractions as well as the famous annual International Balloon Fiesta. Every year, around October, the skies of Albuquerque are filled with colorful hot air balloons with a large number of enthusiasts and visitors gathered at different places.

Exploring the City

Albuquerque is located in the center of the state of New Mexico and is surrounded by the stunning Sandia Mountains to the east and an enormous volcanic ridge to the west. The climate of Albuquerque is cold and semi-arid with quite hot summers. Albuquerque, being an important commercial town, offers a diverse range of specialty shops, restaurants, and hotels. Some of the famous attractions in Albuquerque are as follows:

Old Town:

This area is for relaxation and recreational activities. Developed during the Spanish era, Old Town is shaped by Spanish and Mexican cultures. Filled with giant old cottonwood trees, gleeful structures, and pathways, Old Town is the perfect place for casually strolling around. The addition of museums, gift shops, and restaurants has further increased the attraction in Old Town. Whether you are with friends or family, Old Town is the perfect spot for casual sightseeing and spending an overall memorable afternoon.

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center:

This area is home to the cultures of Pueblo people from thousands of years ago. Although the number of Pueblo people has decreased over the time due to foreign invasions many still remain vibrant attracting several tourists. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center hosts a number of exhibitions, lectures, and tours. Above all, the most famous aspect of this cultural center is the traditional dances, which are performed by professionals and Pueblo people.

The Rio Grande Nature Center State Park:

Located on the east bank of the Rio Grande at Candelaria Road in Albuquerque, the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park. The park hosts exhibitions that introduce the ecology, geology, and history of the Rio Grande Valley to its visitors. Besides being an enjoyable place for recreational activities, the park also offers a small hiking trail.

Sandia Peak Tramway:

The Sandia Mountains are a truly exceptional landmark for its stunning red glow during the sunset. In order for visitors to enjoy the views of Sandra Mountains to the fullest, cable cars are made available on a tramway. Constructed at a height of above ten thousand feet, this tramway is a must visit for all visitors to Albuquerque. Additionally, the area consists of several small restaurants, gift shops, and amusement parks.

Travel and Accommodation

Albuquerque is undoubtedly a populous city. However, being properly planned, the transit system of Albuquerque is quite convenient. Although it’s preferred to travel using a car, the public transport is also convenient in terms of time and expense.