Miami is a popular vacation destination and a world leader in commerce, arts, and media. Its spectacular location on the southeast side of the Florida Peninsula results in stunning sceneries and landscapes. Additionally, the pleasant climate makes it a very enjoyable holiday destination. The Art Deco architecture with a high-rise skyline and majestic structures are also a major tourist attraction. The grandeur of its majestic structure is surrounded at one side by the lush green Everglades National Park, which is renowned for its unique environment and wildlife.

Exploring the City

Miami being a seaport city with the third largest skyline in the United States of America is one of the most popular vacation destinations. One of the many remarkable attributes of Miami as an international city with diverse cultures is its cuisine. With a heavy influence from the Latin American cuisine, you can find the world’s best tacos here in Miami. Some of the most exquisite places to visit in Miami are as follows:

Miami Beach:

Located on an island, which is connected to the mainland by numerous spectacular bridges is the famous Miami Beach. Known for its rich tourism culture and marvelous architecture, Miami is home to several world-class restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels. The entire area is divided into a number of stunning beaches. The most popular destination in Miami Beach is the Ocean Drive, which is a street that runs along the oceanfront and is covered from the other side with exquisite shops, restaurants, and hotels.

Bayside Marketplace:

You will not have to visit any other shopping mall once you find yourself in the famous Bayside Marketplace. From handcrafted artifacts to electronic machinery, Bayside Market is filled with more than 150 specialty shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers. Being an outdoor open-air market, it attracts both locals and tourists. It is located along Miami’s oceanfront looking over the beaches and docks. Additionally, the market is a fun place for recreational activities as well. The docks offer boat rides to tourists as well as water taxi services.

The Vizcaya Museum:

One of the Miami’s greatest treasures is the stunning Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. It’s spectacular architecture, structure and landscape attract a great number of tourists. This museum is filled with Italian Renaissance style artworks and artifacts. The gardens are also a wonderful place for having a picnic or simply enjoying with friends and family. The estate of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has also hosted many important events such as a meeting between Pope Jon Paul and former U.S. President Reagan. Fountains, pools, and sculptures of female figures decorate the gardens of The Vizcaya Museum.

Transport and Accommodation:

Miami has a diverse and extensive transport system. It is possible to travel around all areas and major attractions of Miami without a car. However, taxis are a relatively expensive method of transport, therefore, local transport is considered the most. Miami is home to several world-class boutique hotels such as the Andre Balazs and Todd Oldham. Additionally, Miami has a diverse range of hotels in different price, location, and other categories.