New York City is known for it’s iconic style, uniqueness and energy that people in millions visit the city every year. It is definitely not the most relaxing vacationing places. However, it has the best of all, the shops, the bars, the restaurants that spending a perfect weekend in New York cannot be overlooked. Here is a nip guide for people wishing to enjoy their stay and can spend their perfect weekend in the Big Apple.

Day One

New York is dotted with hotels and so check into any hotel, but it must be closer to a subway station. Go for the Surrey Hotel, the classic choice or the Soho overlooking the Madison Square Park.

The classic food in New York is the bagel. The bagels are baked and served piping hot. There are tons of inventive flavors and you will not regret anything out of the oven that is coming out directly.  The scallion is the winner, but you may go for a cream cheese. Order salmon platter, if you have enough time or else get a sandwich and have it three blocks away in Washington Square Park.

Book tickets in advance at the NoMad , to the Magician, an eye-opening show by Dan White. Here you get popcorn complimentary in two types, savory and sweet, besides a chance to drink cocktails.

Have dinner at Covina that is in the Park South Hotel. Remember to reserve ahead. Watch Tim and Nancy Cushman serve low-alcohol cocktails and dishes such as fry bread, hummus and pizza.

Day Two

On Day two have brunch on Hudson at High Street. They offer sandwiches or baked goods here and Bodega is the perennial favorite offered with egg, breakfast sausage and cheese on black-pepper biscuit. Spend noon at the Whitney Museum that is just few blocks and wander around watching the stunning architecture, exhibits and outdoor spaces.

For a healthy afternoon go a few blocks east in Chelsea to Matcha Bar serving matcha-based drinks in variety, including a combo of watermelon juice, matcha and basil over ice.

For the dinner settle at Babu Ji, in the East Village, a casual Indian restaurant. Reserve a table or else there is a crowd always. Enjoy the curry sampler and delectable dishes.  A few blocks away are Pouring Ribbons to the north that features rotating seasonal themes and inventive cocktail bar.

Day Three

Proceed to lower east side at Mission Chinese Food and enjoy dim sum brunch that has biggest hits in mini versions such as mapo tofu, salt cod fried rice.

Go shopping, there are many boutiques nearby, including Le Labo, a candle and fragrance shop, Superga, for Italian sneaker brand, Veda, for leather goods and silky dresses, C.W. Pencil Enterprise for stationery.

Complete the weekend with a meal at Via Carota in the West Village, order Italian food including the chopped steak, grilled artichokes and a pasta dish. Enjoy a perfect weekend in New York and wash down all the stress with a glass of wine.