The city of Manchester is the largest city in New hemisphere, and it is also known as the Queen City. It is a perfect tourist destination, and its population is quite less with over one hundred and ten thousand people. It is located in the south central of the New Hemisphere along the Merrimac River. It is located at the 20 miles distance from the Massachusetts border and 50 miles from the Boston city. Manchester has recently seen the Renaissance of renovations and rebirth. The city is famous for its cultural institutions, inventions of segue, and the revitalized downtown renovated mills along the Merrimack River. Manchester is also known for its longest dead end street in the entire country. The city is divided by the Merrimack River and its cultural and financial center of the state. One of the architectural highlights of Manchester is its historic red brick mills. The city’s 19th-century prosperity left behind the world-renowned Victorian commercial, public, and housing in the entire country. The city is full of history, and cultural landmarks include the historic Palace Theater, Center Franco-American, Currier Museum of Art, New Hemisphere Institute of Art and numerous others. The Merrimack river crossing divides the city into western and eastern regions. Manchester has been well ranked among the very best affordability and livability cities of America. Manchester offers its visitors numerous destinations including parks, galleries, museums, restaurants, theaters, and a Merrimack river in the city. Manchester is best to visit in both winter and summer seasons.

Places to visit in Manchester, New Hemisphere

Currier Museum of Art: The museum was founded in the year 1929.  It is one of the largest art museum located in the heart of Manchester city. The museum depicts the American and European art. Visitors can find numerous fascinating artifacts, sculptures, paintings, and photographs to attract the visitors. The museum also holds numerous live classical music shows, and it offers activities for all ages. Visitors can explore this magnificent museum to learn about the ancient European and American cultural history that has influenced over the place.

Zimmerman House: It is a Usonia attraction located at the Heather Street. It was a residential place designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the year 1950. Zimmerman House is designed into interesting architecture with an overhanging roof and L-shaped chimney. Visitors can view the magnificent structure of the building and also explore the wonderful garden of the house in its beautiful overlook. Zimmerman House is best to visit in daylight.

Crystal Lake: It is one of the top natural attractions in the city. It is located in the south of the Manchester at the Corning Road. Visitors from all over the state come to explore this magnificent natural pond, which offers many activities including fishing, boating, and swimming. Visitors can have a relaxing time in the peaceful environment of the place. The place is closed in an evening time. The best to visit Crystal Lake is in the early morning.