Long Island is an island located on the northeast coast of the United States. Long Island comprises of four counties: Nassau, Suffolk, Kings, and Queens. It is the most populous island in the America. Long Island resides countless destinations for the tourists ranging from parks, galleries, museums, historic sites, and numerous other. As a tourist, when you ask any New Yorker about Long Island they may tell you jokes about Long Island accent, haircuts, and affection for Billy Joel. But that’s not all, besides jokes this place has some truly cool spots to offer like famous thrift stores, seafood restaurants, beaches, and boardwalks. Let’s discuss amazing things to do on Long Island. The best time to see the long island is from June to October but tourists can also come on off years to avail great discounts, but they should be aware that temperature here drops below zero in off years.

Best Spots on Long Island

Long Beach: After an hour drive from Manhattan comes the Long Beach which is a popular tourist destination for tourists and locals. You can rent out umbrellas, chairs and other essentials from vendors there. After a tiresome day, this is the best place to sit down, sip a drink and watch the beautiful sea.

Oyster Bay: On the north shore of Long Island in Nassau County is situated Oyster Bay which is a huge part of the sea consisting of 18 villages. Usually, people rely on the long beach, but if you want more adventure, an oyster bay is always an option.

Old Westbury Gardens: A beautiful place situated near Old Westbury Road look like it came from heavens. This inspired directors of a movie The Great Gatsby to arrange their set there. These gardens are owned by John Shaffer Phipps and his family who is a steel heir since 1959. Now this place has been opened to public, and people come here to take a breath of nature and to see and smell daffodils, poppies, roses, irises and other beauties.

Artie’s South Shore Fish & Grill: Unlike seafood restaurants and their frozen food, Artie’s is a place on the long island at Austin Blvd, where they offer seafood straight from the sea. For just a few bucks, you can enjoy a lobster roll and catch of the day. Casual atmosphere, tasty food, and no-frill plastic cutlery make this place the best seafood eatery of long island.

Deep End of the Sandbox: Every place has its culture, colors, and history, at Deep End of Sandbox which is located on Portion Rd, is the best place to see the original long island culture. People visit this thrift shop to see past-era video game systems, vinyl and ironic T-shirts and midcentury furniture.

Bunger Surf Shop: While West Coast surfers sneer at their Eastern counterparts, surfing at long island shores is something different. Long Island is famous for its deep-seated wave rides and to learn more, people usually go to local surf legend’s shop called Bunger Surf Shop. It is a surfing museum and a place to get a two-day crash course on surfing.

Effin Gruven: At the end of a day, one always wants good food and drink, long island’s famous pub Effin Gruven is the best place to enjoy peace, love, and excellent drink. They offer famous pizzas and other eateries, not to mention 24 craft brews on tap.