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An act has been passed in Oct 16th to reopen the U.S. government. All the affected attractions have opened. Those tours which were affected by the shutdown of the government are returning to normal routes. Tripedition will keep close eyes to the status of the attractions and update you with the newest information. Thank you for your understanding and supporting. We also feel sorry about any inconvenience that this shut down brought to you.

2012/10/19 3:47 PM EST.

Important Notice:

As you may already heard, the U.S. government decided to temporarily close part of the government since October 1st 2013. That caused the closure of all the national parks and national historical sites. The tour that may be impacted includes the following:

  • The museum of Liberty Bell in Philadelphia: You may just see the outside. Through the glass wall, you could still see the liberty bell clearly.
  • U.S. Capital in Washington DC: The tour which will go inside the capital will be cancelled. Other tours which will just see the outside of the capital will still be same.
  • Smithsonian Musuems(National Museum of Natural History and National Air and Space Museum): Will be changed to John F. Kennedy Arts Center. This place is beside the Potomac River. It is beautiful and has very important position in art and cultural area.
  • Lincoln Memorial: You will only see it from the outside. The tour guide will take you as close as possible but you won’t be able to see the inside. If time allows, we will take you to other outdoor tour sites.
  • The United State Military Academy of West Point and Museum: You will visit only the visitor center instead.
  • Acadia National Park: All the tours include this national park will be canceled.
  • Yosemite National Park: Will be changed to 17-mile Drive. This place has breath taking view and hosted five times of golf tournament.
  • Grand Canyon National Park: Will be changed to West Grand Canyon or free time in Las Vegas.

Tripedtion feels so sorry about any inconvenience caused by the change of the tours. We will try our best to adjust the tours to let you have a satisfied tour experience.

If you still have any question, please call our 24 hours customer service at 1-888-503-6377 or reply this email directly. Thank you!

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